Q Security Systems has built its reputation on service excellence and expert customer support

Providing you with first class support.

Q Professional Services pride themselves in assisting systems integrators with the ever increasing complexities and challenges that they may face on security and surveillance projects.

Our qualified staff can provide you with extensive knowledge of our products and assist you with all the technical support and trouble shooting requirements you may encounter either via phone support or onsite.

Q Professional Services can provide you with;

  • System Designing
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Preparation of site documentation
  • On site staging
  • Off site staging (at our premises)
  • On site support during normal business hours
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

Q Security Systems can provide you with a total turnkey solution. Speak to your local QSS branch to find out about terms and conditions for Professional Services and ask them to provide an obligation free estimate.

Q Professional repairing a workstation
Busy Workbench

QSS Service & Training Centre

QSS Service & Training Centre

The Q Security Difference

It takes something truly unique and different to survive in the modern, highly competitive world of electronic security. With so many companies now offering such as broad range of quality products, and virtually all end users demanding lower and lower prices, it is no wonder so many distributors are finding it tough. So when a company like Q Security manages to not only survive, but in fact, thrive in such a volatile market, one cannot help but wonder what they are doing that is so different?

Of course, it would be easy to look toward the usual array of industry clichés about providing ‘superior customer support’ or ones ability to create truly customised solutions but, let’s be honest, such claims no longer constitute and genuine point of difference. A quick search on the website of any ten security product distributors with reveal virtually identical claims there by rendering the ‘unique point of difference’ neither unique nor different. In order for a company to hold any genuine claim to such assertions, they must be able to reliably and repeatedly demonstrate a genuine and tangible point of difference that goes beyond the usual industry bluster. One man who understands this better than most, is Rob Rosa, recently appointed Chief Operations Officer at Q Security.

With almost twenty years experience in the security industry, over half of which has been sent managing security technology and distribution businesses, Rob has a keen understanding of the distribution and integration markets and what it takes to create a genuine point of difference.

“When I first began discussions with Q Security back in 2013 with regard to coming on board, I was aware of the company but did not know a great deal about them. I think this was typical of a lot of people in the security industry at the time. We often joke that up until recently, Q Security (formerly Q Video), was one of the best kept secrets in the Australian security market.

However, upon closer examination, I was extremely impressed by what I saw. Other organisations that I had worked with and run in previous years had obviously been involved projects using IP based solutions, but the vast majority of the sales was still focused on analogue products. At Q Security, I saw a business that was genuinely pioneering IP solutions in a way that I had not seen anywhere else.”

According to Stanley EL Komala, National Product Manager at Q Security Systems, the company has always done things a little differently. Stan Explains “Even back when I first began with the company in 2006, we would check every camera, back focus every lens and ensure all of our product was working before anything was sent out to site. We did this for a number of reasons, not the least of which was to protect the reputation of the product we were providing, ensure that our clients were getting the best possible support and solutions but to also ensure that the integrators had to spend as little time as possible mucking around on site. The more we were able to prepare the product at the office, the less the integrator had to do to get the job  right first time, the faster the turn around on the project and the fewer returns we would leading to happy clients and return business.

This approach has just naturally flowed on into new areas of the business as we have grown over the years. As we became more focused on IP solutions, we made it our practice to ensure that every everything we did was built around the principal of reliability. Any camera network a client has, large or small, we map out the network, then set the entire network up on the bench and configure the entire thing from end to end. Only once it has been configured and test will be send it out. That way, when the client receives their equipment, they know that every camera has been checked, assigned an IP address and tested. The cameras and boxes are all then labeled and sent out with a sheet listing all the cameras, the corresponding IP address and so on. The NVR has been preprogrammed with all the cameras and everything is pretty much set to go. All the integrator has to do is pull the cable, plug the DVR in at one and the camera in at the other any away they go.” Rob explains “The Q Security systems goal extends way beyond simply providing quality product. Our mission, is to ensure that our clients are treated as business partners. Sure, it begins with providing a full range of quality solutions but beyond that, we aim to help them increase their margins by limiting their time on site during the installation process. By preconfiguring our networks, we also ensure that the client has very few if any failures,  achieves a quick turn around for their customer and enjoys a great experience. Furthermore, they need fewer resources to get the job done because we have already done a lot of the work for them. That is what our partnership is all about. Not just selling product, but finding more innovative ways to help the integrator be more effective and profitable.”

To that end, Q Security Systems have gone to great lengths to ensure that every branch across Australia has qualified tech support staff in-house to quickly respond to client questions, Furthermore, each branch carries enough stock to ensure that it can meet the days to day requirements of clients who need to get jobs out and done – quickly.

“Innovation is an extremely important part of everything we do”, explains Rob. To that end, we are always testing new equipment to see what we can bring to market to help our customers better serve the needs of their clients. Take our new Alumia range. We wanted to be able to provide a cost effective solution for our clients without sacrificing on quality. I think we have well and truly achieved that with Alumia. From true/daynight cameras to bullet cameras, domes, 2 and 3 Mega Pixel cameras, indoor and outdoor solutions, you name it, we have an Alumia solution for the job. However, for those situations that require a more recognized name, we have partnered with with some of the most trusted, recognizable, reliable and respected brands on the market including DVTel, Bosch, FLIR and Verint. The fact that these industry giants have chosen us as their local partners, I believe, says a lot about their confidence in Q Security to provide a level of support and service that is representative of their brand and reputation.

As a national wholesaler and distributor of video surveillance systems, intrusion systems, access control and video intercom systems, Q Security Solutions claim their staff can help design a system and deliver a “turn-key” solution with full post-sale support. Too often in the security industry, it is easy to make big claims while falling well short of the mark with regard to delivering upon said promises. However, in the case of Q Security,  having seen the operation, spoken to the staff, listened to their clients and witnessed the passion that each person within the organisation has for the products they support, it is hard to find fault with any claim regarding they might make about passion, service and an ability to provide a truly unique solution.

Source- Security Solutions Magazine. Issue #93

QSS At Your Service

Repairing fixed camera at QSS

Repairing fixed camera at QSS


The QSS technical facility located in Port Melbourne handles commissioning of systems for integration customers as well as servicing of cameras, NVRS, DVRs, servers and computers. As I walk through the QSS service centre with QSS’ national service manager, Manny Kalaw, I see hundreds of cameras in various states of repair. When you think of modern electronics as being disposable, there’s something wonderful about a facility that repairs our electronic security technology. 

PTZ component replacement

PTZ component replacement

It’s impressive space – big, clean and well organised. The QSS service centre has real wow factor. The work benches are commodious, there are stores of parts it seems to me go right down to the board component level. There’s also serious network support for the local LAN, with a packed server rack giving the 5 QSS service centre technicians plenty of horsepower for working up systems.  

I did not know you did this at QSS, I tell Kalaw – I’m not sure anyone outside the QSS orbit knows you do this.  

“All QSS branches have a local service capability – 95 per cent of service work happens there - it’s only the more complex tasks that come to the Professional Services division where we service everything,” Kalaw explains. “We repair NVRS, DVRs, servers, cameras, we do all maintenance and repair for all the brands we carry. And if we can’t repair something, we organise it to be returned to the manufacturer wherever they may be – Taiwan, China, Hong Kong – it all goes through us. 

“We repair Pelco, NUUO, Verint, QVS, and Fuijinon. We repair full body cameras, PTZs, dome cameras. We do PTZ drives, lenses - anything and everything. We repair cameras from top to bottom – right down to board work. Obviously to do this properly we carry a lot of spare parts and components.” 


Interesting, too, the service techs say that compared to sales volumes there’s a tiny percentage of devices that need servicing. Cameras generally last a long time if properly protected from the elements and when it comes to DVRs, the techs say the big failure is hard drives. 

“We repair full body cameras, PTZs, dome cameras. We do PTZ drives, lenses, anything - we repair cameras from top to bottom – right down to board work”

As we walk, Kalaw tells me there are a number of commissioning jobs currently in the process of completion. The commissioning technicians have their noses to screens setting up solutions as we walk by and we take a peek at one – a NUUO system with a flock of Samsung iPolis dome cameras arrayed around it. 

“Systems of 50 cameras or more will usually be configured here,” Kalaw tells me. “Commissioning is a process that starts with administration and supply of the necessary hardware and then moves to the service centre. Here, we build the system, install boards, load IP addresses, configure required specifications, configure switches, including wireless switches. All the integrator has to do is install the system we supply and if they have a problem, we will guide them through it.” 

Configuring NUUO

Configuring NUUO

QSS service manager, Manny Kalaw

QSS service manager, Manny Kalaw


It’s a lot of responsibility - you must have challenging moments when there’s a lot of commissioning going on and a large number of repairs come in? I ask.

“Yes, there’s pressure on all of us when it gets busy but the whole team is highly trained in all the product ranges we support and we work together to achieve our goals,” Kalaw says.

Listening in, the techs tell me they have had every workstation filled with commissioning jobs at various times. As they chat, I get a sense that those indelible challenges have created a real esprit de corps in the young service team. It’s a reflection of the changing nature of electronic security distribution that QSS has the capability to supply complex networked surveillance systems as plug and play solutions.

“I think there’s a real service culture in this company,” Kalaw says. “This service centre is one of the reasons clients love QSS – because we offer a very high level of technical support locally. All repairs, all warranty support, replacement of parts - it’s all done right here in Australia.”

“We build the system, install boards, load IP addresses, configure required specifications, configure switches,including wireless switches. All the integrator has to do then is install the system we supply”

According to QSS, COO, Rob Rosa, having an in-house logistic, training and service centre allows QSS to deliver total solutions for clients quickly and efficiently. 

“It means we don’t need to depend on 3rd party sources to provide us repairs, warranty or pre-sales configuration as our in-house techs do all this and all our clients are a priority,” Rosa says. “When we sell an IP system it is all pre-configured with IP addresses and the set up with the specifications that customers provide to us. Installers can then literally plug-and-play the system on a site. 

“The QSS Professional Service model is based around this facility with all our other sales offices in Aust having mini service centre that can accommodate the local market without it having to be returned to the Service Division. We also use the Service division as an overflow repair centre if required, however, most simple repairs are done locally and all the other complex requirements are carried out at the Professional Services Division.

Precommissioning setup

Precommissioning setup

“For QSS it has been important to try and differentiate ourselves from the other distributors. As you can appreciate many of these others tend to outsource some of these services and then promote that they offer repairs, warranty, training and the like.” 

Rosa says outsourcing service doesn’t work well as there is no real level of control from within.

“My belief is that to offer a one-stop solution covering things like servicing and commissioning, all these processes must be under the control of the company offering them,” he explains. “QSS manages each individual process of these value-add services and all comply with our quality control and procedural standards.”

Rosa says QSS can also negotiate (dependent on project value and longevity) advance replacement with an integrator that may have contractual obligations, as opposed to sending repair items abroad as he says the company’s competitors often do. Service offshore can mean waiting up to 8 weeks for a repaired item which is unacceptable for many electronic security applications when parts, including cameras, need to be cut-over to maintain 24-hour coverage. 

“All in all, I believe we have a unique business model that while many others try and emulate facilities like the QSS service centre, they can’t duplicate them,” says Rosa. “That’s why QSS is growing in a very competitive market place.”

By John Adams
Security Electronics and Networks

“There’s a real service culture in this company. This service centre is one of the reasons clients love QSS – because we offer a very high level of technical support locally”

The QSS Professional Services Team

The QSS Professional Services Team